Ülle Tõnus

Our small, cheerful and agile leader. A delightful source of inexhaustible optimism. An explosive cocktail of vitamin D and serotonin. Manages the media and various projects with infinite positivity and energy. In her spare time, she goes to school, learns languages and Chinese wisdom. Also grows three wolves and a little girl.

Madis Raidaru

Designer-engineer with sharp (as razor) mind and golden hands. A man like an orchestra. Or like a yacht that can always be found out on the sea when it doesnt rain nails and hammers. His gentle hands often make delicious food for the whole team. We eat, enjoy and praise.

Erki Oras

Probably the biggest living copywriter in Estonia. Man like a monument. Indulgent in nature, speaks little, says a lot. His weaknesses are too soft heart, French bulldogs Tiit and Nora and all kinds of technical gadgets.

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