Agency a’ la carte


Business cards with refreshing appearance
Brisk gluten-free internal communication
Spicy tex-mex radio clips with sound salsa
Friendly social media posts served with vanilla sauce
Crispy special shaped flyers for selected recipients
Tasty websites spiced with the latest trends

Main courses

Chef's mouth-watering and waterproof copy with word games and quotes
Long-matured corporate identity on a hot pan
Sleek yearbook with balanced details
A classic campaign in an effective media sauce
Fresh client leaflet with fat free articles (also suitable for vegans)
Juicy TV clips with colorful frames and accurate message
Appetizing adaptations with local color


Flexible customer relationship served with positivity and fresh smiles a'la chef Ülle
Fast reaction with adequate results
Exquisite experience garnished with versatile skills
Mix of partners from the top of Estonian media and advertising industry
Low-calorie and low-salt bills suitable for a slimmer budget
Warm and undisclosed connection with friendly atmosphere

Our Chef’s wishing

Bon Appetit!


Our small, cheerful and agile leader. A delightful source of inexhaustible optimism. An explosive cocktail of vitamin D and serotonin. Manages the media and various projects with infinite positivity and energy. In her spare time, she goes to school, learns languages and Chinese wisdom. Also grows three wolves and a little girl.



Probably the biggest living copywriter in Estonia. Man like a monument. Indulgent in nature, speaks little, says a lot. His weaknesses are too soft heart, French bulldogs Tiit and Nora and all kinds of technical gadgets.



Designer-engineer with sharp (as razor) mind and golden hands. A man like an orchestra. Or like a yacht that can always be found out on the sea when it doesnt rain nails and hammers. His gentle hands often make delicious food for the whole team. We eat, enjoy and praise.

Our satisfied clients



Pole Midagi Paremat Kui Hetk Enne Kõige Paremat Õndsust Valgust Soojust Rõõmu Rahu Magusat Vürtsikat D-vitamiini Serotoniini Positiivi Mandariini Apelsini Igast Päikesekiirest Suu Kõrvuni Kõige Optimistlikum Kuu #kevadpolekaugel


Head Aega Aastat Kuud Päeva Uut Vana Head Korduvalt Kordumatut Üllatavat Vaimustavat Vaimustavalt Kaunist Hetke Täis Head Paremat Soolast Magusat Magedat Vürtsikat Mahlakat Mõnusat Maitsetut Mööduvat Saabuvat Ikka Jälle Peatumatut Tabamatut Kuni Peatse Kohtumiseni   Read more

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501 8016

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